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Making Connections in English Literature

» About Us

BiblioPoint is currently in development. Aimed at students and general readers, BiblioPoint uses a range of advanced technologies to help you make useful links between literary works, authors and events.

» Contribute

BiblioPoint will begin the process of selecting a virtual advisory panel of interested parties in the near future. They will give feedback on the BiblioPoint toolset and allow us to refine and develop BiblioPoint for the good of the whole literary community.

Would you like to contribute? Watch this space for information on how you can join us.

» BiblioPoint Works

BiblioPoint Works is a private organisation that operates BiblioPoint and controls all its data and technology. BiblioPoint Works is discipline-agnostic and it is hoped that the core technologies being built into will form the basis of future tools to help other subject areas away from the purely literary.

BiblioPoint,, and the BiblioPoint database are protected by the copyright and/or trade mark laws of the United Kingdom and other countries. Copyright © 2005-2007 BiblioPoint Works. All rights reserved.



Copyright © 2007 BiblioPoint Works. All rights reserved.